Climate change poses one of the biggest threats to the planet, nature and our way of life. Anthropogenic activities and emissions are accelerating these changes and it is already beginning to have an impact on how we live. A collective effort is required to reduce emissions and meet climate change targets.

Society also needs to adapt to cope with the impacts of climate change and be prepared to take advantage of any potential opportunities. The uncertainty accompanying these changes means the need to improve business resilience in a changing climate is going to become even more important.

We provide advice and guidance to various businesses on topics ranging from energy use and renewables to improving nutrient use and better livestock management on farms, helping to improve performance whilst also lowering your carbon footprint.


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Our Farming for a better climate programme has been working with a range of 'climate change focus farmers' to test out some of the things agriculture can do to reduce emissions, benefit the farm business and protect the environment.

Services we offer:

  • Adaptation and mitigation advice
  • Agrecalc and carbon footprinting
  • Farming for a better climate
  • Emissions modelling
  • Renewable energy advice
  • Soil management
  • Diffuse Pollution

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